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Breath Work Training Course

Tools & Techniques For Health & Wellness


Breath Work For Conscious Living

Enroll in this empowering course that will transform the way you breathe, how you think about your breath, the quality of your breath, and your mental health.


In This Course, You Will:

  • Learn forward breathing, the complete breath, and how to optimize the benefits of every breath.

  • Learn many different types of breath and how it affects the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Understand the anatomy of breathing.

  • Learn the meridians and reflex points that support deeper breathing and lung health.

  • Practice breath techniques with various rhythms and tempos and understand when and why to use them for their benefits.

  • Practice breathing with mudras for the lungs, the mind, and raising one's consciousness.

  • Create a practice that you can benefit from and put it into action, journaling the results.

  • Learn what essential oils are best during a breath practice and why.


This empowering course is based on knowing thyself through one's breath.  The breath is directly related to the quality of one's thoughts.  When we understand how to use the breath for healing, the mind shifts, the body changes, and energy begins to flow in one's life.

Investment:  $500/Student


February 25 - 26, 2023

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