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Sacred Scents Aromatherapy

Certified Organic + Wild Harvested + Non-Sprayed Plant Medicine


Sacred Scents Aromatherapy

A specially curated farm-acy of organic, wild-harvested, non-sprayed, mantra-infused, single & blended, hand-poured essences from
around the world. 

Nature is who we are, and our interconnectedness with the natural world is vital in maintaining health and harmony.  The original medicine on the planet was and still is plant medicine.  Essential Oils, Herbs, Tinctures, Teas, Tree Meditations, and other forms of utilizing nature to support self-healing on all levels of the being have been used for centuries with great success. 

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have as humans. Scent can help to shift the brain, feelings, and subconscious thoughts and memories that are the seeds to our wellness.  The vitamin and mineral constituents in our organic or wild-harvested and unsprayed aromatherapy can also facilitate a higher vibratory frequency that promotes health and wellness. 

In a world filled with brilliant technology, the simplicity of nature is often lost.  We are in a powerful time of change, and our communion with Gaia is what can support us in evolving into our highest frequency of Love, Wisdom, and Truth.


Anoint yourself with seeds, roots, resins, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits, and observe your own internal shift.  These plant teachers, in our hearts, are the true "Shamans" on this sacred Earth

Certified Organic and Wild Harvested/Non-Sprayed 

We have been blessed to meet farmers and suppliers that believe in our mission to provide the highest quality, non-sprayed, certified organic, or wild-harvested essential oils that can be applied directly onto/into the body for support during one's self-healing process. 

Naam Sacred Sound Infused

Sacred Sound, Naam, is the vibration holding the frequency of Love. By infusing sacred
sound into a water-based essence, we can attune to this high frequency and enhance the
healing benefits of the essence or oil.

Our plant teachers spend their days and nights resonating with the mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.  This is the sound current that has been proven scientifically to heal the body.  This mantra translates to "Sun Moon Earth Infinite, Infinite I Am Thou".  As the water molecules are exposed to this sacred sound, they take on the healing vibration of the mantra and their healing capacity is magnified infinitely.  

Hand-Poured, Single Essences  

Natural medicine, when kept in integrity, is in harmony. We commune with it to attune
ourselves to this harmonious frequency. When two or more essences are blended together, they need time to get to know each other, much like a marriage.  We invite our clients to blend on their bodies, unless one understands how to properly blend essences, in order for each message to be received clearly and intentionally.  This is why we primarily choose to use single essences vs blending.  We have been learning from elders who have come from a lineage that blended essences for centuries, and are learning how and when it is best to combine plant teachers for a greater healing purpose.  In saying this, we have been guided to develop our "Sacred Thieves Blend" based on a need as a result of the most recent pandemic on the Earth.  We are grateful for this expansion into greater depths of understanding and reverence for the power of nature.


By hand-pouring each bottle, much like cooking with Love, we are infusing every bottle
with this Loving frequency.

Shop the 30 Sacred Scents

Created from the wisdom of 26+ years of combined experience working directly with essential oils, the Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Collection is specially curated from our heart's connection to these plant teachers.  Using both our expertise of knowledge and intuitive sense of feeling, we are open to sharing the highest frequency essences that we have attracted, and that have called out to our hearts.  We believe each plant chooses to work through us for a reason and a purpose that is beyond our understanding.  From seed to fruit, we offer a variety of plant parts to address the various mystical and planetary qualities we each contain within ourselves. 


The Collection of Sacred Scents below are chosen based on the way they were grown, their healing energy, the plant part, and the spiritual gifts they share,  They are specially selected to increase one's harmonious frequencies in order to raise the vibratory rate of the being, thereby increasing one's health and happiness.


We offer organic and wild-harvested essential oils to support one in balancing health, addressing common ailments, and balancing dis-harmonies, while helping to create a consciousness shift internally.  Essences support one in bringing more awareness to how to maintain homeostasis on all three levels of the being - mental, spiritual, and physical.