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Sliding Scale Yoga
with Live Music

What is Sliding Scale Yoga?

After taking some time away from teaching and gaining deeper insight into our own yoga practices, we are excited to come back to teaching on the YouTube platform.  Weekly we will be uploading breath practices, mantras, yoga and movement classes, sound baths, and cardio exercises.  This is a new platform for us to share with the world all of the amazing techniques we have been practicing for decades.  Between collegiate sports, dance, various styles of yoga, and meditation practices, we have hand-chosen the most powerful techniques to share with you.  Whether you watch each one or stick to one that you like the most, all we ask is for an exchange of energy.  Since energy is neither created nor destroyed, we also understand that each of us gets to choose to do whatever we will into reality.  This is our agreement with you, and we are not attached to what you choose to do.  Just go to YouTube, take a class, and then come back to this site and pay what you feel is an equal exchange for what you received.  We have this created in order to be able to welcome all who would like to practice with us no matter what the financial situation poses at the time.  When you are struggling, give less.  When you are abundant, give more.  You decide, just show up.  Sliding Scale Yoga is the yoga for everyone!     





Live Music Yoga is a powerful and dynamic physical and energetic practice that works on all levels of your being to create balance and harmony from the inside out.  Raise your voltage and tune into your highest vibration with this transformational experience.  Love is the frequency that connects us as One.  It is through the sacred sound current that we can tune ourselves like an instrument to the frequency of Love, and remove obstacles and blocks on all levels.


Breath is the voice of the soul and controls the mind which controls the body.  When we bring rhythm and harmony through breath, sound, and movement, perfect health and balance is restored.


Get ready to chant, breathe, dance, and shift into your highest potential.  With the guidance of the plants and the trees, this experience will send you to a mystical and majestic portal of the heart.  Open and expand your entire Being with this yoga practice set to the live rhythms of The Conscious Groove, and anointed with the very powerful Sacred Scents Aromatherapy medicine. 


All Levels Are Welcome!

Why Live Music Yoga?

Forest & Sound Bath

Join us on December 2nd at YNG Studios in San Clemente for a healing event.  We will join together to take a meditative journey into the forest of our hearts.  During this journey, we will anoint 10 different tree essences that will both ground and uplift the spirit.  Then we will lay down and enjoy a deep and healing sound bath to support deep relaxation and moving any blockages with crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo, gong, Native flute, wind gong, rain drum, chimes, xylophone, and chant together in meditation for self-empowerment and transformation.  In the middle of the crazy holiday season, come and slow down with us for a healing session that will nurture your soul!

Forest Trees

Weekly Class

Live Music Yoga + Aromatherapy Sound Bath

Check Back With Us For A New Class Schedule Coming Soon...

Join Joshua and Lemia for an all live music breath work and movement class that is both nourishing and revitalizing for your mind, body, and spirit. Get anointed by Sacred Scents Aromatherapy, and enjoy a deeply relaxing sound bath to end the class with gong, crystal didgeridoo, native flute, crystal singing bowls, brass bowls, xylophone. wind gong, chimes, and lots of Love. Sing together with devotional words from all different traditions and languages with The Conscious Groove, in order to resonate healing vibrations throughout the body. This weekly class is by donation in order to create a space for self-healing, and welcome all people to join together as a supportive community in San Clemente. We look forward to seeing you!

Contact Us For Private Yoga 

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Perfect for Individuals or Groups

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