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Living Your Best Life:
Course for Inner Transformation


This empowering course is based on knowing thyself.  When one truly understands who they are, there is self-love, compassion, and inner peace that supports a happier and healthier life.  You will practice tools that support navigating through health, relationships, career, prosperity, and joy by understanding the unseen aspects that influence these areas the most. 


In this course, you will learn:  Meditation techniques, breath techniques, mudra therapy, mantra therapy, the Laws of Nature, Ancient Hermetic Mystical Teachings, and many practical spiritual tools to support health, happiness, relationships, and success.

5 Areas of Focus:


Health:  7 Creative Planets & Your Health

               What is health and how can I remain healthy?

               Foods, plants, crystals, and affirmations for health

Yogic practices for daily health and happiness


Career:  What determines success?

               The 7 Creative Planets & Career

               Challenges that come from planetary forces in a job/career

               How to navigate through stressful situations and anxiety


Love Relationships:  What is Love? 

               The 7 Creative Planets & Love

               Planetary Influences on Your Relationships

               Overcoming Relationship Problems

               Uranus & Neptune in regards to Love

               Timing for a Successful Love Relationship

               Soulmates vs. Karmic Partnerships/Body of Pain

               The Law of the Triangle

               Soulmates & Communication

               Bringing Out the Best in Your Love Relationship


Prosperity:  What is prosperity vs abundance?

The power of green energy

Meditations for abundance

You attract what you are

The spirituality of prosperity

Techniques:  What is meditation?

               Sound Therapy/Benefits of Meditation

               Benefits of Sound Meditation/Length of Meditation & Healing Benefits

               Mudra Therapy, The Elements, The 7 Creative Planets, & The

   Hands For Healing

   The Power of the Breath for Healing/3 Point Breath/The Complete Yogic Breath

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