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Aromatherapy Workshops

Mothers Day Eris Food Co Colab Poster - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg
Mothers Day Eris Food Co Colab Poster - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

Mother's Day Celebration... 
@ Eris Food Company & Living Tea Kombucha

Join us in celebrating our treasured mothers with live music and flower essence anointing.  Come with your family and enjoy plant-based food from Eris Food Co. while listening to the gentle rhythms of "The Conscious Groove".  Receive an anointing of flower essences from "Sacred Scents Aromatherapy" to bring in heart healing and help to blossom positive energy into your afternoon.  See you on Saturday afternoon!


Where:  Living Tea Kombucha/Eris Food Company

               Oceanside, California

When:  Saturday, May 7th between 2pm and 4pm

Cost:  Donations Gratefully Accepted

Mystic Love Vibration Workshop

Every relationship we participate in has an energy in the seen world and an energy in the unseen world.  Since the reality we can see is only 10% of the whole, then the Universe is telling us to pay attention to the 90% that we cannot see.  Vibration in relationships can be understood through planetary influences, and each relationship has a unique planetary make-up.  Learn how to understand the unseen aspects of your relationships and what plants best support bringing out the very best in that vibration in this 90-minute workshop. 


7 Essences We Will Cover In This Class: 

Nutmeg $34

Turmeric $23

Cedarwood Atlas $19

Mediterranean Cypress $19

White Cedar $23

Spanish Sage $37

Sugandha Kokila $25


Tropical Leaves

Sacred Touch &
Aromatherapy Workshop

Humans need touch, and whether we are in a relationship or not, touch is essential to living with Love.  Our hands are the extensions of our hearts, and when we touch with Love, we bring healing to what we are connecting with.  Learn how to stimulate the heart, how to give yourself or someone else a Loving mini massage, and learn how to use aromatherapy to open the heart and stimulate a Loving environment. 


What You Will Receive:

  • A hands-on sacred touch experience for yourself or with a partner.

  • Learn about reflex points and meridians that affect the heart and help to open the heart to self-Love and the Love of all life.

  • Why touch is important to our human experience and keeping our hearts open.


Essences We Will Use: 

Sweet Orange $19

Rhododendron $19

Cedarwood Atlas $19


***Essences are Not Included with the Class unless you sign up for "Sacred Touch & Aromatherapy" for $80.00.  Please remember to provide your shipping address in the message box of your order.


When: Sunday, February 13th, 2022

              2:00pm - 3:30pm


Cost:  $30 Class  OR

             $80 Class + Essences from Sacred Scents Aromatherapy

             (Actual Cost is $30 Class + $57 Essences + $10 Shipping)

Aromatherapy For Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum

Learn how to safely and effectively use aromatherapy to help the body prepare to become pregnant and give birth.  During pregnancy, essential oils can help with nausea, pain, hormone balancing, stretch marks, and more.  Plants are great allies during labor and delivery, and they also support the big life shift postpartum.  The safe use of essential oils during this powerful time of motherhood can help to create a very healing and sacred container to transform.

Plants & Planets

Learn how the days of the week correspond to seven creative planets, and how the day we were born on contains energies that help us to understand ourselves better.  

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