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Organic Helichrysum Hydrolat from CANADA

(Infused with Sacred Sound)

What is a hydrolat?

In the steam-distilling process, the water and oil separate and the water is collected as a hydrolat.  Hydrolats can be used as a spray on the skin, around a room to help clear the energy of a space, or as a liquid essence of the plant to drink.  This is the pure infusion of the plant material with water, and is not the same as adding an essential oil to a bottle of water.  The infusion gives you the scent and energy of the essences itself in a more gentle way.  Enjoy your Helichrysum Hydrolat, and allow her to uplift and inspire you on all levels.


Helichrysum Hydrolat is an amazing tonic for the skin.  She is wonderful for wrinkles and aging skin, eczema, bruising, scars, acne, wounds, and inflammation and dryness.  Spray her directly into the eyes for dryness and redness, or simply use her as a skin hydrator.  Helichrysum Hydrolat can also serve as a low profile, gentle sunscreen.  Try her on your skin and let us know how she works for you.

Organic Helichrysum Hydrolat