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The Universal New Year begins on the Spring Equinox, March 21st, of every year. Each person also has their own planetary New Year based on their day of birth. According to the Ancient Mystics and many cultures around the world, there are 7 Planetary Periods that each hold strengths and weaknesses that we can learn from and harmonize with. These energies connect with the natural rhythm and flow of the Universe in order to bring out various themes for us to explore in health, success, and happiness. In this workshop, we will learn about these 7 planetary periods and map out both the Universal and Personal Planetary year on a calendar. We will learn how to lean in on the strengths and bring awareness to the challenges of each period, as well as explore the plant medicine that will help bring out the best in our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. After filling our cups with wisdom and sacred scents, we will lay down and enjoy a healing sound bath to help integrate the experience. Join us for wisdom, aromatherapy, and sacred sound healing in this empowering and nourishing workshop.

Mapping The Planets - Your Personal Calendar For Success & Happiness