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Take a sip of a red or white wine with some light vegan snacks, and enjoy an evening of exploring relationships and the frequencies that influence them.  Every person has a frequency based on the day they were born. When two or more people come together, that frequency shifts. This is why some people get along great, while others have challenges. Take a journey into the numerology, planetary astrology, and plant kingdom to explore relationship frequencies and how best to navigate through the most harmonious as well as challenging energies with the power of understanding. In this workshop, we will explore the numbers, planets, and archetypes of our personal relationships from work and family, to friendship and Love vibrations. Get anointed by Sacred Scents Aromatherapy, and learn what plant teachers can help to bring the best out of each frequency. At the end of the workshop, relax to a soothing sound bath in order to integrate and embody the wisdom that was received.


The live class evening includes light vegan snacks, 2 glasses of wine, wisdom on relationship vibrations, anointing essential oils, and a sound bath.  We look forward to enjoying a wonderful evening together!


Online classes do not include the aromatherapy or the wine, and therefore are a reduced rate from the live class in San Clemente.  You can always purchase the essences before the workshop.  Please reach out for a special rate on the plant essences for this workshop. 


Please purchase the online course here, and go to for the live in-person class registration.

Wine & Wisdom + Sound Bath - Relationship Vibration