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The first 12 days of 2024 reflect the 12 months of the year ahead.  Whatever we choose to create on those days has a direct impact on the corresponding month.  Therefore, it is important to be intentional and conscious in manifesting our destiny instead of blindly walking into our fate.  In this workshop, we will teach the numerological and archetypical wisdom of the 12 days and months, anoint plants that will support these energies, and offer valuable spiritual tools, health tips, and suggestions for maximizing on the beneficial forces.  At the end of the workshop, we will offer a deeply relaxing sound bath in order to integrate and embody the wisdom that was received.  Join us for an empowering journey into 2024, and make this year the best yet.  Deep contemplation, mindful intentions, and purposeful action combine to create the magic in our lives that hold space for our dreams to come true.  We look forward to an amazing afternoon together!   


Join us live via Zoom by downloading the document and tuning in via Zoom on Saturday, December 30th from 3-5:30pm PST.


Bring paper, something to write with, and water.  

1st 12 Days Of The Year: Setting The Blueprint For 2024