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A Pentagram BluePrint Reading is an empowering way to understand who you are on a deeper, more subtle, unseen level.  After we schedule a time to meet (please email us as soon as you purchase this to schedule your appointment), we will ask you for your complete birth date (month, day, and year).  Using a specific mathematical formula (handed down to us from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry), we will outline your pentagram numerology, and share with you your daily influencer, your projection to the world, your spirit energy, your gift from Creator, what you have mastered in previous lifetimes, what comes to trip you up, and what grounds you.  We will share information on the planetary influences that guide your daily choices on health, relationships, career, and happiness, while giving insight on how to maximise your human experience with the birth date you chose before incarnation.  This is an empowering experience that is meant to strengthen you in knowing who you are and why you are here. 


Depending on your background and experience with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, we may need more than the hour of the Blueprint Reading.  To honor our time, we charge $150/hour. 

Blueprint Reading