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Mantra of the Month: Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru

This is the mantra that helps one bring into creation the dreams, ideas, and visions given by Spirit. Har is the seed, representing the potential for Infinite Creative Consciousness to manifest. Haray is flow of that potential, sprouting out of the seed with the hand of Creator. Hari is the fruit, manifesting that Creative Life Force into physical form. Wahe Guru is the awe, wonder, and ecstasy of observing this Creative Life Force in action. When chanting this mantra, we are acknowledging the beauty of all aspects of the Divine as pure bliss.

When chanting this mantra, one activates good luck, unlocks one's own creative energy, and removes all obstacles in the way of one's good. This is a mantra of activation, allowing the Infinite Creative Consciousness to guide with unshakable Faith.


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