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1st Day of the Month Ritual:  Planting Monthly Seeds in 2022


The first day of each month sets the seed for the entire month.  Join us for 1-hour each, for the first day of each month, to tap into the healing and beneficial vibrations of the month.  Let's set our intentions, bring awareness, and take this time and space to create our vision for the entire month.



            Living life with intention and purpose brings more meaning and allows us to have a richer life experience.  With consciousness and Love, we can truly set our energy to align with our dreams and visions.  We can only create what we can see, feel, and experience in our mind and heart first. 



  • 11 Days, 1 hour each session


What Will I Receive? 

  • Discussion of the numerology, archetype, and energy behind each day and corresponding month.
  • Aromatherapy suggestion to support the day and corresponding month.
  • A breath, movement, seed sound, and/or practice to support.
  • Recording option to re-watch or see the 30-minute video at a later time.


Essences (These can be purchased separately as an option for each month):

  • February 1st: Ginger
  • March 1st:  Basil Linalool
  • April 1st:  Star Anise
  • May 1st:  Petitgrain Combava
  • June 1st:  Roman Chamomile
  • July 1st:  Vetiver
  • August 1st:  Sweet Lime
  • September 1st:  Juniper Berry
  • October 1st:  May Chang
  • November 1st:  Plai
  • December 1st:  Rosewood Leaf



Monthly meetings from February 1st - December 1st, 2022 at 10:00am - 11:00am PST.


Cost of Course:

            $110/the entire year

            $19/single session

1st Day of the Month Ritual: Whole Year