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Wild-Harvested White Sage Leaves & Tops from USA

Physical Benefits:

Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, free radicals, anti-cancer, memory enhancer, deodorant, hair, skin, candida, staph infections, diarrhea, hot flashes, menopause, sinus infections, anti-histamine, respiratory aid, clears airborne bacteria, cough suppressant, clears mucus, diuretic, heart health, sore throat, athlete’s foot, excess sweating, menstrual pain, hormone balancing, enhances cognition, mental alertness, fatigue.

Energetic Benefits:

Depression, anxiety, accessing inner wisdom, purification, spiritual cleansing, protection, warding off negative energy and darkness, ceremonial anointing oil, feeling overwhelmed, when exposed to depleting people, smudging tool,  mood enhancer, connecting to the spiritual realm, mental healing, solving spiritual dilemmas.

Wild White Sage Essence 15ml