RaMa Holistic Care
Create a Healthy, Happy, and Abundant Life

RaMa's Mission

RaMa Holistic Care exists to support the state of balance within all life through Yoga Therapies, Harmonyum Bio-Metaphysical Healing Therapy, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Nutrition,  Sound Healing, Meditation, Knowledge of the Self and the Laws of Nature through Ancient Mysticism, and Laughter.

As we embrace the aspects of ourselves that we are challenged by the most, we are able to move from our own darkness into The Light.  In harmony with the feminine and masculine energies within, we embrace the RaMa - the perfect harmony between our own personal Yang and Yin.  Ra, the Solar, Divine Masculine Energy combines with Ma, the Lunar, Divine Feminine Energy to create harmony, healing, happiness, and miracles. Our mission is to serve the highest good of all living beings with the tools and wisdom we have been so blessed to have learned.  In service to one another, we all have gifts to share and an important role to play in the harmonious co-creation of this reality.  We are grateful to serve and to continue to learn and grow together on this amazing journey we call life.


Specially curated from Certified Organic and Wild Crafted farmers and suppliers from all over the world, we believe in an honest and simple approach to self-healing with natural medicine.  All of our single essences have been hand-poured with Love and then stored in a dark space with mantra playing until they are ready to serve.  It is important to us that our essences do not contain pesticides, and that is why we hand select only the finest and highest quality and go the extra step to purchase organic and wild, non-sprayed essential oils.