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Mystic Love Vibration & Essences That Support


Every relationship we participate in has an energy in the seen world and an energy in the unseen world.  Since the reality we can see is only 10% of the whole, then the Universe is telling us to pay attention to the 90% that we cannot see.  Vibration in relationships can be understood through planetary influences, and each relationship has a unique planetary make-up.  Learn how to understand the unseen aspects of your relationships and what plants best support bringing out the very best in that vibration in this 90-minute workshop. 


7 Essences We Will Cover In This Class: 

Nutmeg $34

Turmeric $23

Cedarwood Atlas $19

Mediterranean Cypress $19

White Cedar $23

Spanish Sage $37

Sugandha Kokila $25


What You Will Receive:

  • Learn about the planets that influence the relationships you have in your life.
  • Learn which plant essences will support the greatest harmony in each relationship vibration.


***Essences are not included with the course unless you sign up for "Mystic Love Vibration Workshop & Essences To Support" for $200.  Please remember to include your shipping address in the message box with your order.


When:  Saturday, February 12th, 2022

               2:00pm - 3:30pm


Where:  Zoom Online (Download Link From This Purchase)


What To Bring:  Essences (optional), Water To Drink, Paper and Pen to Take Notes (optional), and a Smile.  : )


Cost:  Class $30  OR

             Essences with Class $200

            (Actual cost is $30 Class + $180 Essences + $10 Shipping)


Mystic Love Vibration & Essences That Support