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Wedding Officiants + Blueprint Readings


Hire one or both of us on your sacred day of union.  Marriage is so important to us, because we cherish Love above most things.  We are grateful to be present on your most sacred day together as a couple.   


This officiant + Blueprint Reading purchage includes at least one face to face meeting to discuss wedding details, as well as being your wedding officiant(s) on the day of your sacred ceremony. We will help you formulate your dream wedding experience, and gather information from both of you to share and celebrate in the Love that binds your hearts together as One.  The Blueprint Reading is a very insightful and deeply reflective time to understand the planetary influences on your life and your lives together. You will leave with your Relationship Vibration, Personal Archetypes, and Personal Blueprints that reveal your gift, what you have mastered in previous lifetimes, what comes to trip you up, your daily influence, your spirit energy, and your projection to the world around you. This is a time to understand your personal blueprint, while also embracing the blueprint of the Love of your life and your relationship together, in order to bring more understanding, compassion, and open communication for the best possible future.


We look forward to supporting your relaxation and honoring your big day!  Thank you for choosing us to be there for both of you.

Wedding Officiant + Blueprint Readings