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Creating Balance & Harmony

Happy Fall Equinox! This is one of the four most powerful weeks of the year, and it happens to fall on the 39th week, symbolizing "The Hanged Man" in the tarot. As we reach our balance of day and night, we are able to create more balance in our lives on all levels. Where is excess or deficit manifesting? Where do we feel we could use more disciple or create more structure around our daily routine? Is there something that we can let go of in order to create more balance between our active life and our rest time? "The Hanged Man" is a symbol of letting go and shedding attachments to the physical plane in order to create space to connect with the higher Light force that shines within the heart. Where are we attached to a physical energy that is pulling us away from our mission here on Earth? Those attachments can leave us "hanging" on to them and not moving forward into our destiny. What areas of life are we willing to make sacrifices to reach our goals? How can we see life with a new perspective in order to shift gears for the higher good?

As we understand that this reality is not meant to hold perfection, we can still find ways to make improvements in becoming better and better every day. More often than not, most people put things that are unhealthy and destructive in life above that which is really constructive and healthy. As we merge with the higher forces that remind us to meditate, eat better, Love deeper, forgive, heal, and breathe life in to its fullest expression through us at every moment, we are able to turn our lives around for the better. We no longer have to feel like something outside of our Truth is holding us back from greatness. The moment that each of us finds our voice and True expression of our unique soul that is here for a Divine reason, we will find it easier to release the patterns of behavior that have led to habits that are destructive.

The process of moving from darkness to Light is a continuum. It never ends until our last breath. This is the beauty of the Yīn-Yáng dance of life. The letting go is not coming from a place of fear, judgement, or shame, but in realizing that nothing lasts forever. Everything that is living requires change. The more we change, the more we merge with our purpose of flow. The Equinox is a time of great blessings for this reason. It reminds us that between the extremes that life can present, there are times of rest, balance, and of harmony. They don't last forever, but we can take a pause and be grateful for every opportunity that we have to learn and grow.

Take this week to meditate on harmony and balance. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself where you can create positive changes. One step at a time, start to shed the areas of life that feel heavy or not in tune with the direction you are heading. Take baby steps and make the changes necessary to get back to center. Each time we practice tuning into the heart of Truth, we are taking micro-movements toward a greater life expression. We have this one life in this physical representation of the soul, and these powerful times of the year are great opportunities to check in. How is it going? Is change needed? How can I be better? What areas of life need attention? Embrace each phase of life and the dance of the daily flow. Everything can be changed in one moment, whether we are initiating the change or it is happening around us. Do not take one breath for granted, just be grateful to BE. This life is a blessing!


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