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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  WOW - it's 2020 - and we get to create our own version of the roaring 20's.  What a blessing it is that we get to enter this new decade with consciousness and mindfulness.  Talking to pretty much anyone we know this week, we realized that the consensus is that this next year is going to be fabulous.  So many of us experienced huge life shifts this past year, and the cosmos have been in our corner, supporting us all to take giant leaps forward with our dreams and inner aspirations.  We are seeding in this powerful Venusian energy that is available.  The first 12 days of the year spiritually represent the 12 months of the year.  What we do on January 1st effects the entire month of January, the 2nd effects February, etc...  We have the power to start or stop habits and patterns in our lives that we desire to carry into the new year.  On your blank 2020 canvas, what picture do you wish to paint?  Whatever it is, do those things on the first 12 days of the year.  It is so empowering to practice this ritual year after year.  Journaling the past year's results, it is absolutely true and has proven to work time after time.  Don't believe us, try it for yourself!  We are starting TONIGHT at Naam Yoga LA for our annual New Year's Eve Spiritual Celebration.  The Conscious Groove will join other amazing musicians to start the evening off, and then Dr. Levry will guide us into an all-night Naam-A-Thon meditation until 6:00am.  This is the most amazing way to bring in the New Year and we look forward to seeing you there! RaMa Holistic Care is birthing a new endeavor.  As of January 1st, we will be offering Sacred Scents Aromatherapy.  This company was born out of a need to find the highest grade, single, pure, medicinal essential oils for our daily use.  In meeting farmers and suppliers that offered wild harvested and certified organic essences, one by one, we hand-curated the first 12 essences in our new line.  Each essence is hand-poured by us and infused with Naam.  We have Rootlight's  RaMaDaSa healing mantra playing 24-7 to shower these water-based angels with this cosmic vibration until they are shipped out to our clients.  This has been a journey of our heart's expression, and completely guided by spirit.  We never sat down and made a choice to start an aromatherapy company.  When life's circumstances forced us into a situation of change, we embraced it and used it as a springboard to boost us up and out of the darkness and into a new Light.  We appreciate all of the Love and support we have been given during this process.  We have really learned the power of our spiritual community to support and help those who are going through great life challenges.  This experience has strengthened our hearts in knowing that goodness and Love will always prevail.   Please join us and experience our new offerings in a Mystic Medicine Circle this Saturday at Naam Yoga LA.  We are also going to be leading a Full Moon Ritual on January 10th, followed by our launching party where we will provide an opportunity for you to try all 12 essences and learn more about them.  Enjoy some snacks and a DJ dance party to help us celebrate the launching of our new business on this Full Moon night.  Finally, on January 19th, following the Woman's Empowerment morning, we will offer another Mystic Medicine Circle of aromatherapy, breath, sound, and Divine Spiritual Wisdom.  Come to one or all of these events and support your new, local, medicinal aromatherapy company! As we enter 2020, remember Uranus - the Dragon's Head.  This powerful and cosmic vibration of 2+0+2+0=4 is revolutionary support for change.  The year ahead holds the potential to co-create magic with the Divine Light, when the intentions are pure of heart.  Follow your passions, follow your bliss, and live as though it is your last day.  We are here to be who we are, and the only way to do that is to let go of who we are not.  Harmonyum Healing has been a good friend to us when we experience great change.  Take time to receive a Harmonyum Healing session - once a week when you need support - and allow the Light to continue to guide the path to the garden of Love where your heart can bloom. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Happy New Year!

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