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Joshua's Corner: Free & Willing...

On some level of your Be-ing you know your humble power. For lack of a better term, we are all "Gods children"- meaning we are unconditional Love in physical form, with the bonus of 'human level' free will. Free will is the thing that creates the sense of false physical power. We think that our free will is the biggest gift, when in reality we as humans were given only a tiny fraction of 'Supreme Free Will'. So, relax about this physical "thing" or that "person" who did something "to you". Believe it or not, we call in all the characters of life based on our level of consciousness. With a reverent degree of Love, Faith, and Hope, coupled with a desire to be more connected to Spirit, we heal the past seemingly overnight. We also need to be less attached to physical stuff-people, places, things, stories that no longer serve our Light. This year is all about letting go of physical attachments so as to truly receive Divine support. Remember, your heart is the seat of true wisdom. Be still and pray (however you pray) for the good of all and it will manifest in your reality! 

In Kindness,


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