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Joshua's Corner: The 2nd...

Deep breath…

A different day, same results with the same back and forth rhetoric.

Do you stand up for “The 2nd" and forget the rest.

Life? Liberty? The pursuit of happiness?

Maintaining and supporting a good quality of life supersedes everything. Furthermore,

WE, the common folk, don’t see the sneaky deals being made behind closed doors by politicians (on both sides) and corporate lobbyists.

So naturally we are the ones who get fooled.

Fooled in to believing just about anything, when it is perceived as a “threat to our freedom”.

I will tell you this, if you are a blind supporter of “The 2nd” then you have to look deep into your heart and ask why you are good with semi-automatic military grade weapons (or any gun) to be available to an adult without major security checks AND insurance (yep insurance just like a car), then you are part of the problem my friends.

My callous tone on this topic is nothing new, we have sent thoughts and prayers until we are all blue. We have the same discussion without words. We have no collective concept of the big picture, not even a third. In all things Holy we seriously need to pull our collective heads out of our collective asses.

So, all this venting for what? Hopefully it will help us all return to balance. Whatever that is for each, and however we can individually and collectively have more peace of mind, peace of heart and peace on the planet as soon as possible is what really matters.

Be real,


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