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Seed Sound For the Month of May, "RaMa"

"RaMa" is the seed sound for the month of May. This seed sound can be chanted any time of year, and during this month, it serves to support the alignment of the energies of May.

"RaMa" is one of the most powerful sounds in the Universe because it is the merging of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies together. The Solar and the Lunar influences, the Yang and the Yin energies , and the positive and negative polarities are represented by these vibrations. By creating balance and harmony with these forces, the 3rd eye opens and the destructive energies begin to dissolve. This is a vibration that brings healing and balance throughout the entire being. Chant "RaMa" for self-healing, expanding intuition, and balancing the mind, emotions, and physical body on all levels.

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