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Seed Sound of the Month of April: RA

"Ra" is the Seed Sound for the month of April. When you vibrate this sound, it will support you in aligning with the frequency of the month of April. "Ra" is a Royal Frequency, helping to bring out one's Light, Strength, Warmth, and Healing. "Ra" is a masculine, solar vibration that stimulates life force and helps things to grow in your life and wellbeing. For this magnetic Spring month of April, enjoy chanting "Ra" for life force and vitality.

When you chant the Seed Sounds, make sure to use a complete breath and pull root lock by squeezing the rectum and drawing the navel in toward the spine as you chant. Chant the Seed Sound 3, 7, or 11 times daily. Please drink plenty of water and do not overdo it. Seed Sounds are very powerful and potent and are a form of vibrational healing for the mind-body-spirit.

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