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Joshua's Corner - The Common Mission...

I humbly believe that the common mission shared by every human is simply to be kind. Be kind to others, be kind to yourself. When we see perceived differences in other people, we are given an opportunity to overcome unhealthy social programming. Each and every human is obligated to cultivate unconditional love on all levels no matter what the conditions. This is easily said, I know. We all know there are plenty of “rags to riches" stories. If someone has overcome hardships then it automatically opens the opportunity for another. This takes will power and soul connection. When we align the will and the soul, we align with our center. This takes great mental effort, emotional healing and serious soul searching.

Sometimes we get a big sign that we must change now. Other moments, the internal whispers are so faint that we find we need to go inward and shy away from the outside world for a time. The heart intelligence of every human knows that love is the answer. In this year of 2021, we must overcome our subconscious doubts and the social fears of looking or thinking different. We are here to unite with love. We are part of and here to commune with the natural world in harmony. We are here to see the best in all situations. Remember that through great pressure a diamond is created. We as a human family are in process of discovering our true brilliance. Keep polishing the gem of your heart.

Peace & Love,


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