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Aromatherapy Share: 3 Plant Friends To Help Re-Activate Our Love Vibes...

Nature is Love, and all plants offer a Loving frequency that provides medicine for the soul, the mind, the heart, and the physical body. This week we are highlighting St. Valentine's Day and the essences that support the Love vibes in our lives.

Red Rose is the flower of Love. With the sweetness comes the thorn, as this beautiful goddess flower teaches the reality of Love. There is no Love that is perfect, but when you truly understand the depth and meaning of the word Love, then Rose will bless you with her sweet heart. Red Rose is a heart healer, both physically and energetically. She helps with circulation, blood pressure, arrhythmia, and congestion of the physical heart. At the same time, Red Rose teaches how to work through depression, heart-ache, sorrow, disappointment, isolation, and other shadows of Love through acceptance, faith in goodness, and letting go of the resistance we have to going to deeper depths of and higher levels of Loving. Even though no one says it is an easy path, she is the gateway to living in the state of unconditional Love.

Davana is a flowering plant that butterflies Love to eat in their larvae stage. This is a wonderful symbol of her lessons of personal transformation into self-Love. This goddess flower is also wonderful for the heart, and is great for the reproductive organs. She heals the womb, relieves disharmonies in the creative center, and helps with blood pressure. Davana is the essence of Love in her ability to support us with breaking through a false reality, seeing the Truth, stepping into personal power, and finding joy and purpose in life when it has been lost. She is the essence of Love, as we cannot Love others when we don't fully Love ourselves. Davana makes it safe for us to be ourselves and thrive in our limitlessness of Love.

Pink Grapefruit offers the gift of joy and happiness. Love is an energy to be celebrated. When we are joyful, happy, optimistic, and hopeful, then we can step back and see the bigger picture. This Universe is made from Love, and this self-Love goddess shines the Light on our highest and greatest good. Love is enduring, and Pink Grapefruit is a teacher of courage to never give up on it when things get tough. She is the sunshine element that shines a Light on the areas we are supported and Loved. She helps the physical heart with circulation, and the emotional heart with uplifting vibrations. When we rise out of the fog of our shadows, we can see how truly blessed we are to have Loved at all. Pink Grapefruit is a wonderful supporter when we have lost Love in our lives and struggle moving forward. Her unconditional Love for us shines through her scent and optimistic Light in order to help lift us back toward the heart again.

Anoint 1-5 drops of Red Rose onto the heart, 5-10 drops of Davana over the womb, and 5-10 drops of Pink Grapefruit onto the bottoms of the feet during the day (she is photosensitive) and onto the solar plexus in the afternoon when the sun goes down. Wear them daily for 120 days and feel the blessings of their heart teachings that promote deep healing transformation.

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