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Aromatherapy Share: Cultivating The Courage To Be Amazing With Laurel Leaf...

Laurel Leaf is an aromatic evergreen shrub or tree native to the Mediterranean. She is the symbol of victory, glory, and honor in Greek Mythology. Laurel Leaf is also known as a great protector against accidents and harm. In sporting events like the Olympics, the ancient Greeks use Laurel Leaves woven in wreaths as crowns to symbolize victory and achievement. Literally, the word "laureate" means one who has been awarded or who has had achievement bestowed upon them.

Laurel Leaf opens the lungs and helps to heal the respiratory system. This amazing plant is wonderful for the digestive system as well, supporting gut health and harmony. She is also a lymphatic supporter, moving the energy of the water body, emotions, and subtle bodies. A strong solar plexus to have the "guts" live one's Truth, a balanced energy body to feel into what is right for one's life, and open lungs that create the capacity to breathe deeply and oxygenate the mind to think clearly, create a recipe for bold courage to manifest.

Anoint 5-10 drops onto the heart, the solar plexus, and the crown for protection, courage, and victory. Laurel Leaf will continue to cheer us on and guide us through our most passionate creations with her Loving strength. She helps us to honor the self, live in truth, move past failure, feel confident about BEing, and embrace the value of everything that life has to offer. Have the courage to shine your soul Light with the power of Laurel Leaf.

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