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Aromatherapy Share: Essential Oils for Transitional Life Changes...

During Eclipse Season, at the New Year, or when big life changes occur, we are thrown into a situation where we need to transition from one reality to another. Of course, this happens when we die, but it also manifests when our lives are ready to shift gears. During this empowering time of life, we feel encouraged to lean on plants for support on all levels. Three specific plants we go to during life transitions are Rose Geranium, Ho Sho, and Spanish Sage.

Rose Geranium is a wonderfully aromatic evergreen shrub. She is an incredibly healing plant that offers great support and protection during times of transition. Rose Geranium activates our energy bodies in order to move us forward through change with courage and confidence. She is an ally during times when we wish to initiate a new beginning, helping to transmute the past and align the outer world with the inner transformational shifts.

Ho Sho is a "Fragrant Tree" with high levels of linalool that help to calm and soothe the being. For times of transition, she helps to create a safe energetic space to take care of oneself and prioritize one's life. Sometimes we know we need change, but the direction isn't quite clear. Ho Sho helps support initiating transitions at work, in relationships, or at home by bringing clarity, courage, and support.

Spanish Sage is a perennial, aromatic, woody shrub that is considered a "cure all" for most every disharmony. She offers her healing support during transitions. When someone or something has been lost, or there is a deep fear of loss, Spanish Sage can bring harmony. She helps to offer emotional support, comfort, and the Love that allows one to feel safe enough to be vulnerable to Love once again. Spanish Sage holds space to survive loss and the strength to move through the pain that comes from this life transition.

Anoint 5-10 drops of each essence over the Heart, the Solar Plexus, the Crown, or onto the bottoms of the feet - one by one - with intention and purpose. Allow your intuition to guide you to the best spot(s) for you. Breathe in the scents and feel each plant teacher enter your energetic and physical bodies. Reapply 2-3 times a day, using them consistently and confidently during life transitions. Set your intention with a small moment of silence, and all the plants to take over from there. Listen to the inner guidance you receive and embrace the strengths that these plants offer so generously. Every big transition is an opportunity to grow. Embrace the change!

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