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Aromatherapy Share: Healing Manipulation Issues with Plant Medicine...

There are times when we are more vulnerable to being manipulated, and there are times we might find ourselves manipulating a situation to get what we want. Either way, there are essences that have been historically used to help clear out the energies of manipulation on all sides. The three essences we suggest are Carrot Seed, Cassia Bark, and Black Cumin.

Carrot Seed, or Queen Anne's Lace, is known as a "companion plant" to other crops by attracting wasps and butterflies, and offering a cooler, moister environment for greens to thrive. Carrot Seed is wonderful for the skin and liver, supporting a higher vision and psychic abilities. She helps us see the Truth, heighten our perceptions, and clear manipulation from the energy field.

Cassia Bark, or "Poor Man's Cinnamon", gets her name from a Latin word which originated from a Hebrew and Arameic word that means "to cut". She helps to cut out urinary and intestinal infections, coli-bacteria, and heart problems, among many other ailments. Energetically, Cassia Bark helps ward away controlling and manipulating energies, and supports speaking one's Truth, working with others peacefully, and aligning to the Divine Will.

Black Cumin is the "blessed seed" that has been held in high regard for more than 3,000 years. She is a magical plant seed that can be applied to every dis-ease known to man. Energetically, Black Cumin helps us work with others in a healthy way, letting go of control and manipulation. She is a great ally on the journey toward harmony.

Together, these three will help bring awareness to the areas we are being manipulated or are manipulating in order for us to clear it out of our lives. The essences are hot, so please make sure to anoint Carrot Seed and Cassia Bark onto the bottoms of the feet. Black Cumin can be taken orally by applying 10 drops under the tongue, or simply anointed onto the skin near major veins and blood vessels (neck, wrists) and gently rubbing it in. Use intention when applying and create a healing ritual with this process in the morning and evening. Enjoy the healing journey!

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