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Aromatherapy Share: Letting Go In Order To Start Anew...

Spring Equinox is a time of balance between Light and dark. We have seeds of Light that we plant deep inside the dark soil in order to grow our dreams. The dance between these two forces of Light and dark is a constant in life. It continues to exist in everything physical. This is why it is important to both let go of what is no longer serving us and set our intentions for manifesting our desires. Plants address our energetics as well as the physical deficiencies. To help us let go in order to bring in the new, we suggest working with Frankincense, Eucalyptus Blue Gum, and Petitgrain Combava.

Frankincense is a sacred and powerful plant resin that comes from a small deciduous tree. She has been revered as Arabia's greatest treasure for over 5,000 years. Frankincense keeps the frequency high, helping us to let go of what no longer serves our highest good. She works on fear, forgiveness, and cutting ties with the past in order to be fully present.

Eucalyptus Blue Gum is a respiratory aid, pain reliever, and body coolant that helps release energy blockages. She supports letting go of fear around money, fear of speaking the Truth, and the need to hold onto the past. This tree spirit clears the way for the survival of the spirit.

Petitgrain Combava is a twig and leaf essence that has been used for cleansing and in rituals used before the holy days of Ramadan. A detoxifier, spiritual cleanser, and natural sedative, this amazing plant healer supports the release of lower frequencies. She is clearing and cleansing, instilling protection, confidence, and positive change toward a higher direction. When the soul is happy, there is nothing that can stop the power of manifestation.

These three essences work nicely together to help release lower vibrations in order to embrace and invoke the opportunities, support, and physical help we need to live our highest potential. Anoint 5-10 drops a few times daily, and bring in these plant teachers to help shift gears out of self-sabotaging behaviors and into a more joyful and fulfilling reality. Whatever is feeling heavy, nature has the ability to transmute darkness into Light. Lean on the natural world during this seasonal shifts and bring your allies together for healing and Divine alchemy.

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