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Aromatherapy Share: Rising Toward The Light...

The Light is considered the highest frequency of goodness, kindness, and compassionate living. When we feel "Light", we are living our Truth, following our dreams, and embodying justice, peace, goodness, and humility. There are times that we feel down, depressed, sad, or heavy with emotion and negative thoughts. Whether they manifest out of imbalances, attachments, or expectations, all we have to do is remember what blesses us and flip the energetic "switch" inside in order to feel Light again. This may sound easier said than done, but with the help of nature it can be. The trees are always levitating, as well as grounding deep into the Earth. This helps to open the heart and connect to both the Heavenly world and the Earthly plane. Three powerful tree essences that we recommend for support in rising toward the Light are White Fir, Scotch Pine, and Terebinth.

White Fir is a large evergreen tree that supports the regeneration of the forest. She helps us to breathe deeply and live with less pain and more joy. White Fir helps us to accept the goodness that is meant for us. She encourages us to rise toward the Light, embrace our Light, and balance our darkness and our Light. Fir trees are spiritually known as the symbols of spiritual growth and protection.

Scotch Pine is an evergreen tree that was one of the first trees introduced to North America in the early 1600's. She is used in Folk Tales as the symbol of reaching toward the Light, and was often times referred to as "The Masters of the Light" due to way they were burned as a source of Light in the dark night. Scotch Pine strengthens immunity and fights virus', fungus, microbes, and infections in the body. She helps us manifest Light on the physical plane, rise above negativity, and rest in Hope.

Terebinth is a small deciduous tree that has been utilized for her gifts for centuries. Because her roots run so deep, she can survive and remain green for years in a drought. Terebinth helps with pain, skin problems, stomach aches, and urogenital issues. She works medicinally to awaken the Light body, energize the being, and attune to a protective, peaceful frequency.

Anoint 5-10 drops of each essence onto the skin and rub it in. Breathe in the scents and connect with your heart. Optional places to anoint could be over the heart, onto the nape of the neck, the crown of the head, the solar plexus, the neck and wrists, or the bottoms on the feet if you are sensitive to them in any way.

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