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Aromatherapy Share: Sacred Scents for "Knowing Thyself"...

As we move through the "Strength" archetype this week, we take a pause to reflect on the tools we have available to support self-understanding and transformation on so many levels. Three plants popped in to our consciousness for us to discuss on this topic - Tarragon, Red Thyme, and Helichrysum.


Tarragon is known as a "Little Dragon" with her fiery cleansing energy of transformation. When we have awoken to the pain of the realization of abuse, when we have the desire to overcome an old story, or when we are seeking calm compassionate confidence, Tarragon is a powerful ally. She works as a protective force that supports personal growth and our inner foundation. Warding away evil, repelling negativity, and calling in the Love frequency, Tarragon works to help us explore our authentic sense of self. Water your personal seeds of growth with this empowering goddess.

Red Thyme is a spiritual strengthener for times in our lives when we feel weak. She offers a blessing of courage when we need to face our deepest fears, enhanced intuition and psychic power to help us navigate through life, and a cleansing and clearing of our mental and emotional shadows so that we can easily recognize and act for the Truth. Red Thyme helps us tap into our dreams to extract messages and meaning for self-guidance. She repels darkness, supports healing past trauma and energetic blocks, and she promotes self-empowerment when things feel challenging and hopeless. Let go and allow Red Thyme to help strengthen and ignite our passions and development of our Light body.

Helichrysum is a source of pure Light energy that teaches each of us to shed more Light on the broken pieces of our lives. She is an emotional healer for those who have experienced abuse, trauma, addiction, or loss of a Loved one. Helichrysum picks us up when we have lost all hope, and shines the Light on the gifts that are born out of the ups and downs of our life journeys. There are no mistakes, and the harder times build the gifts that become our super powers later in life. Helichrysum offers a rebirthing into our most Divine and authentic version of the self, while helping to heal the inner wounded child. She offers a different perspective of hope and courage, and the strength to carry on. Helichrysum opens the pathway of Light toward personal alchemy and transformation.

Be aware that both Tarragon and Red Thyme can be warm on certain skin types. In order to help us move forward (feet) on our healing journey and to safely anoint these essences, anoint 5-10 drops of both Tarragon and Red Thyme onto the bottoms of the feet. Anoint 5-10 drops of Helichrysum onto the face (she supports the skin as well), the heart, or any other part of the body to support the journey of self-discovery. Repeat 2-3 times a day for 120 days.

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