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Aromatherapy Share: Three New Sacred Scents: Red Thyme, Holy Basil, and Cistus...

Plant essences are gifts from the Earth that support every aspect of our lives. We feel blessed to announce these three new friends and their sacred gifts of healing that arrived in the most Divine timing.

Red Thyme is a powerful evergreen, woody shrub from France that is a symbol of courage, strength, power, and sacrifice. She is wonderful for healing our wounds and bringing healing to us when we are ill. She also supports us in making the best decisions for our highest good so we can stay Light, happy, and ready to face reality head on. The Thyme Family is connected to the fairy kingdom and is said to open us to the support and healing from these Light beings.

Holy Basil is a perennial shrub from India that is considered one of the most important plants in India for medicine, food, and spirituality. She is also known as "Tulsi", and is considered a royal herb of wealth, good fortune, power, beauty, and fertility. Holy Basil heals the heart, the brain, the gut, the reproductive organs, and so much more. When we are ready to change perspectives, shift limiting beliefs, and combat addictions and negativity, this amazing plant is a wonderful ally.

Cistus is a flowering shrub from Spain that has been used for centuries for cleansing, in spiritual rituals as an incense, for skin issues, as a food, and in healing UTI's, menstrual imbalances, bronchial conditions, and septic concerns. Cistus is anti-viral and amazing to fight against auto-immune disturbances. Many people have had wonderful results with her on aging skin, wrinkles, and acne as well. She helps one to open their 3rd eye, quiet the chatter of the mind, release shock from traumatic experiences, and face this reality with Love.

We believe these three angles came into our lives at this time for a reason. We can work with these plants to help us make better decisions, shift our limitations into a greater expansion of beliefs, and face our life challenges with an open and Loving heart and mind. We hope that they are able to support you on your healing journey. Blessings!

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