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Atonement & Bringing Out The Best

Fall is upon us and the holy days of atonement have manifested a time of reflection and release of what no longer serves the higher good. The shedding of leaves correlates to the shedding of grief, fear, disappointment, shame, worry, and doubt. It is also a symbol of letting go of the false self that is detached from the wholeness that embodies wellness and goodness. The unhealthy ego must fall in order for the Light of the Spirit to rise. Instead of putting energy toward separation, blame, and fear, this is a time of year to reset the inner compass to the cosmic rhythm of Love.

This time of year represents when Moses received the Ten Commandments. These ten virtues briefly state that humans are here to believe in a higher power, to only worship that Light, to rest, to honor family, to honor all life, to not steal, to not cheat, to not lie, to not deceive, and to not worship or idol the physical. The symbolism of these virtues arriving in the Fall season is that in shedding these aspects of the self that are out of harmony, we are able to upgrade our lives for the better and start anew. Every moon cycle reminds us of this transformation that is constantly resurfacing month to month, but at the nodes of the equinox and solstice, we have the support of the Universe to make big advances in our healing. Whatever virtues you believe hold value to you as a HU-man BEing, this time of year creates a space for the clearing of the past in order to take another step toward the NOW.

In order for us to know what to work on, we have to be completely honest with ourselves. Where are we and where are we headed? In this Universal Mercury Period, the mind is very active and can sometimes distract us away from where we really want to be when we are out of balance on one level or another. The power of the Equinox is a catalyst to returning to one's center and recalibrating in order to continue on the path intended. It is a reset button that energizes and empowers us to continue on our mission here on Earth. Stop and remember who you are. Why are you here? What work did you come to the Earth to share in order to make it a better place than when you arrived? First start with the self in healing, and by going through that fire, the next step of the path is revealed.

This week is the 40th week of the year. Forty is a significant spiritual number. There were 40 days and 40 nights of rain that caused the great flood. It takes 40 days to shift an old habit. Jesus ascended 40 days after he was resurrected. There are many many more stories and connections to this number and its spiritual power that remind us that healing is a journey that happens over time. On this 40th week of the year, we have transformational energies available for positive change. Little miracles, sudden change, magic, and mystery surround us all week. What are you transforming? We have a Full Moon on Thursday, so be aware of your heightened senses and awareness at this time. The Ascended Masters walk the Earth during the Full Moon time, and we can access their wisdom when we are calm, centered, and still enough to receive. Take some deep breaths, drink lots of water, and be the change you wish to see! These are transformational times. There is no rush, as this is our lifetime to rise above the cycles of karma from the past to write a new story. Take small steps toward the greater goals, and work on the areas of weakness in you that will support a higher Love to manifest. Love is magic that can move mountains!

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