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Authentic Love

We are beyond this.

We are above this.

Move beyond the petty view of differences.

We have so many seen and unseen similarities.

Forget the programing.

Believe what your heart is whispering.

Whether you are choosing love or running in a different direction,

ultimately you will receive the same lesson.

Open your heart and your eyes while you take a deep breath; hold, and exhale comprehending that authentic love will pass all tests.

Authentic Love is the common quality we seek. Take care of your parents, family, friends, foes, animals, the sick and the weak.

For your gestures on earth are merely a testimony to your true moral consciousness.

As we shift with mother earth in the ascension process we are being asked to let go of cruelty and injustice of people, animals, and all beings and resources on planet earth.

Do your best, make little changes to reach big goals. We got this! 



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