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Balanced Mind = Balanced Life

This week's New Moon in Libra teaches vital lessons on how to restore the balance that may have been lost while seeking one's purpose. In balancing our diet, work, play, rest, exercise, hobbies, and relationships, we are able to feel a better sense of BEing on all levels. Radiating Light both guides us toward Light, but also has the power to attract darkness. As we seek more harmonious ways of living, sometimes the actions we take can actually lead us to more challenges. In our individual roles as people in a community, there is a balance between private life and public life. Finding the balance between being an individual and working with others is a part of living with healthy boundaries. Time alone to contemplate, meditate, and assimilate is crucial as a spiritual being, and working in a group or part of a community is a big part of feeling a sense of belonging to something greater. Whatever the choices are, life is a paradox and the opposite must also be true. This is why balancing our "opposites" is so important. When there is too much or too little energy in one particular area of our lives, that imbalance trickles into other areas of our lives. Energy seeks harmony, so when there is lack in one area, we can find excess in another area.

Stress is taxing on all levels of the being. When we have a lot of stress in our lives, that imbalance starts the domino-effect to other areas of our lives. This New Moon in Libra asks us to look at those areas of imbalance, and find new and creative solutions to addressing them directly. By taking an honest and compassionate look at our attitudes, actions, behaviors, and habits, we can be creators of positive change. It is a new season to Fall in Love with ourselves, and a New Moon to plant that Love seed deep inside the heart to grow into a great tree of living blessings. If we are able to create imbalance so easily, then we are also able to create harmony just as easily. The most important steps come in awareness and positive action. The more we can see what has shifted out of balance on the inside, the more clear it is to see that imbalance working its way to the outer reality. Positive action away from suffering and toward self-Love will attract more positive results in growth and expansion.

Since the reality we see in front of us is all seeded in the mind, then creating harmony in our thoughts is most important in finding balance in our lives. The breath powerfully shifts the mind, and conscious, mindful breathing is crucial in creating the reality of our dreams. Slow down the breath, open the mind, and allow the heart to whisper the Truth into form. When we are still and quiet enough to listen, the teacher inside will always guide us to where we need to be. Trust the process, and take the drivers seat in all decisions for your highest good. This is a New Moon that will set our harmony wheels in motion. In states of balance, we attract more blessings than we are able to when we are out of balance. Finding the flow of good and living our passions allows doors of opportunity to open. We never know when that last breath will detach us from this bodily experience. There is no room for regrets, so embrace the goodness and let go of the rest. Focus on what is working and how blessed we truly are. This lifetime is a great blessing when we are able to shift our consciousness enough to see it how supported and Loved we are by the unseen world. See the best in the very worst, and seek the harmony that unfolds in every moment. Every moment contains the history of the entire multi-verse, so tap into the highest, greatest destiny, and live it joyfully and harmoniously with all beings. Life is an amazing gift to be lived fully and powerfully!

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