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Bigger Picture, Bigger Dreams...

What an amazing and powerful time of year this is! It is the week of All Saint's Day and All Hallow's Eve, and a powerful time of connecting with the spirits of those who have passed on. The unseen world is said to be very close to us this time of year. It our sacred descent into the subconscious. The power of what we see comes from what we cannot see. This concept has been the topic of transformation, and especially for the past few months. We say it so casually, but it is deeply true - what we hold inside of us is guiding us to our physical experience. Our inner world is either blocking us from everything we are praying for, or it is gently guiding us closer to it. What is meant for our lives - our highest destiny - can only manifest when we allow it to.

The waning moon is the very best time to let go of fear, worry, anger, pain, trauma, and any inner darkness. It is a great time for clearing. Take the time to analyze what has transpired in the Full Moon, and re-evaluate the Self and the direction that life is headed. Does it excite you? Does it make you feel happy and joyful? Looking at the bigger picture, we can scroll out of the micro-events that are creating change in our lives and see the larger theme. When you look at these big changes, even though there may be great loss, look at all there is and was to gain. Change is scary sometimes, especially when we are not actively pursuing it. Sometimes it is the Universe that says it is time to change, and we have to go with that flow in order to extract the infinite blessings waiting behind the transformation. What areas of life feel ready to transform? By opening the door to this alchemy, we are entering an entirely new reality. By actively closing the door to the lower frequencies we hold inside of us, we are opening a million new doors to our good. This is amazing because all of the change is held within our own two hands.

The Universal Jupiter Period offers a time of good luck in order to pursue what is most important to us. When we go inside, we can feel the passion we have for what we Love the most. That passion is both the fuel and the fire to igniting new beginnings. Whatever the past had to teach us, it is now a time to use those lessons to activate the inner Faith needed to carry forward stronger and better than ever. Scroll out and see the deeper meaning of all of the profound changes we have experienced in the past few years. The Universe is gently guiding us to an energetic upgrade. Accept the upgrade and allow the changes to manifest. With Love, Wisdom, and Passion, we have all of the ingredients for success. All we have to do is keep showing up, follow our intuitive guidance, and ask for help from our Guides, Angels, and Luminous Beings for the highest and greatest good of all. With Love in a dream, it will always come True. Our Love is like the water that hydrates our Tree of Life. Grow and expand your dreams and keep your visions high. Love is guiding us all toward the highest destiny!

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