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Black History - Freedom To BE...

Happy February and Happy Black History Month! February 1st is National Freedom Day and the anniversary of the approval of the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery in 1865. The word Freedom is such a powerful word and one that we use often in terms of being healthy and happy. To truly live the path of destiny, Freedom has to rise above enslavement. This month is a particularly powerful month because of the history of the USA and the most recent history attempting to repeat itself. This type of energy has lived on the planet for a very long time, but it has had a platform to grow and expand in recent years. This is a powerful time of expanding in consciousness and creating the reality that we can build a foundation upon. The old framework based on taking away freedoms is very thin and weak; and a stronger, more stable foundation is being set by our ability to awaken and rise above our own self-sabotaging behavior.

Black History is rich in powerful beings who were strong enough to rise above their challenges and horrific conditions to achieve greatness, no matter how the odds were stacked against them. These souls incarnated to teach us the resilience and inner power that lives inside of each of us. It is also a daily reminder that we may manifest a life of challenge, but Love and goodness is always the teacher in the end. The more challenging the life we choose may seem, it is manifesting to remind us of our Divine nature.