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Black History - Freedom To BE...

Happy February and Happy Black History Month! February 1st is National Freedom Day and the anniversary of the approval of the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery in 1865. The word Freedom is such a powerful word and one that we use often in terms of being healthy and happy. To truly live the path of destiny, Freedom has to rise above enslavement. This month is a particularly powerful month because of the history of the USA and the most recent history attempting to repeat itself. This type of energy has lived on the planet for a very long time, but it has had a platform to grow and expand in recent years. This is a powerful time of expanding in consciousness and creating the reality that we can build a foundation upon. The old framework based on taking away freedoms is very thin and weak; and a stronger, more stable foundation is being set by our ability to awaken and rise above our own self-sabotaging behavior.

Black History is rich in powerful beings who were strong enough to rise above their challenges and horrific conditions to achieve greatness, no matter how the odds were stacked against them. These souls incarnated to teach us the resilience and inner power that lives inside of each of us. It is also a daily reminder that we may manifest a life of challenge, but Love and goodness is always the teacher in the end. The more challenging the life we choose may seem, it is manifesting to remind us of our Divine nature.

Africa is the center of our human civilization. Every being originates from the ancestry of our family in Africa, and then as the continents have shifted over time, the various cultures have formed into the world we have today. It is due to weather and sunlight that we have the rainbow of skin colors to celebrate on the Earth today. Just like a team, a family, or any other group of people on the Earth, African Americans were identified as strong and powerful, and therefore there was fear and control that arose as the affect of wanting that strength and power. We see this happen on a smaller scale every day. Humans have a dualistic quality that only consciousness can resolve. The more wisdom we understand, the more we realize that our power as a human family comes in our power to uplift and support one another, and not in tearing each other down. There will always be someone who is better just like there will always be someone to be better than. Not one being has all of the gifts and talents on the planet. It is when we choose to take someones power away that we set off a frequency of imbalance and discord. Repeated behaviors of disharmony create wars, plagues, and destruction. Every being has a right to feel proud of who they are and where they came from. Every being has the right to make this life the best life they have ever lived. In order to live our best life, we have to exist in a society that holds truth, accountability, and integrity at the highest regard, while promoting the positive evolution for all beings no matter who they are or where they come from.

How do we move forward from our past and into a future that we are proud to live in? Conversations about race, about equality, and about freedom have to be open and often. It is so important to have candid and honest conversations with each other in order to understand where we are coming from so we can find new ways to move forward. The theme of Black History Month this year is "The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity", chosen by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. Being a part of positive change means being active. Support local Black-owned businesses, take time to learn about Black History from a Black perspective, and be patient with your fellow HUman, no matter who you are and what color your skin is. Every being is in a type of "recovery", and therefore we have to be open to teaching and learning from each other. This is the only way we can move forward together. As long as we have Loving intentions, we can accomplish anything together. A big part of freedom is the manifestation of a free world where there is no oppression. When we are able to rise above our own personal oppressions, we are able to liberate them on a global scale. What we see in our world is a mirror reflection of all of us on the inside. The world needs a whole lot of Love. Think about your freedoms and think about what your life and your ancestors lives would be like without them. Then think about the millions of people who are not free. We are here and alive in order to make this place better. What is your part, and are you willing to live it?

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