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Weekly Poetry: Courageous Woman...

The warrior woman never knew she was strong,

As a young girl, she didn't really belong.

Issues with siblings, put-downers, and one-uppers.

The leaders around her let her know they were above her.

There was a Light inside her they could see,

The truth and what was being said would disagree.

Courageous woman listened from deep within,

Voices of the angels guided her where to begin.

Overcoming sexual, emotional, and physical abuse,

Thinking at one point "so what's the use?".

Just when the times would get dark and heavy,

Inner strength was illuminating the path already.

Then onto other lessons of narcissistic leaders,

Bosses, gurus, family, and history repeaters.

She learned that judgement was a waste of time,

That reacting to abuse was not aligned.

So she prayed for everyone and the Truth to be seen,

Asking forgiveness to sink in and set her free.

The most important thing she learned from this,

Was to focus on herself and create a life of bliss.

To be around those she Loved and who honored her back,

Going on her own instead of following the pack.

Creating the life of only one bottom line,

To Love and honor life and the inner Divine.

Grateful for the lessons and the blessings that shine,

The feathers, shooting stars, and rainbow signs.

Every path and journey that is intertwined.

The courageous woman continues on the Love incline.

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