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Crystal of the Month: Aquamarine...

Aquamarine is a light blue to green variety of beryl that is known as a "stone of courage". It helps the mind assimilate knowledge and learn more about oneself. Aquamarine is a great protector against pollutants, or other harms in the way of our physical, mental, and emotional harmony. It brings the flowing energy of water and the intuitive awareness for higher spiritual attunement. When seeking a more moderate lifestyle, wearing Aquamarine can support a more neutral energetic environment. This amazing stone helps to clear and empower the throat chakra, encouraging one to speak up and out when necessary. For deeper truths and actualization of our inner dreams, Aquamarine empowers the Truths of the Universe to be revealed within. Aquamarine is also wonderful to use for clairvoyance and activating deeper memories, like in a past-life regression. For the physical body, it is great for the glands, the eyes, the teeth, and the bones.


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