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Crystal of the Month: Chrysocolla...

Chrysocolla is a mineral known to help open the throat chakra, bring peace, and increase our capacity to Love. For strength and balance, this powerful crystal calms the root, navel, and solar plexus chakras. It helps one to speak up and out in Truth, and talk about important issues in order to clear the air. For the heart chakra, Chrysocolla supports the release of emotional negativity, animosity, heartache, and pain. It also stimulates the Crown Chakra and the third eye in order to align one to the higher worlds. This stone is wonderful to use for deeper insights and realign with the source of Light that gives life.

For the physical body, Chrysocolla is good for the pancreas and balancing blood sugar, the muscles and strengthening the arms and legs, the blood and the disorders that manifest, and the lungs and disharmonies like asthma, emphysema, and cellular structure. For clarity of mind, calmness, increased wisdom, and harmony, work with Chrysocolla as a piece of jewelry, a raw stone to hold or use in healing session, or a tumbled stone in a glass of water to create an elixir of minerals for physical healing. Allow this amazing stone to bring an increase of Love, Light, and grace.


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