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Crystal of the Month: Citrine

Citrine is a variety of quartz that has a yellow/orange /amber color to it. It is one of two minerals on the planet that will not hold onto negative energy, but will transmute it instead. This is why these crystals never need energetic cleansing. Citrine has long been known to bring abundance and prosperity. They used to call it the "merchant's stone" because when putting a piece of it into the cash register, merchants found that they brought in more money. Citrine is said to help stabilize the emotional bodies, neutralize anger and negativity, and help one to see the brighter side of life. Due to her vibrant color, this amazing gemstone helps the energetics of the sexual chakra, and helps to bring out one's creativity and personal power. At the same time, Citrine can also help with mental clarity, inner vision, and awakening the higher, most Divine mind. In the physical body, Citrine helps with blood circulation, vision, digestive disorders, thyroid disharmonies, and to help diminish growths in the body. Wear a piece of Citrine jewelry or put a raw stone in your pocket. Either way, spend time with Citrine on your person or near you daily for best results.


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