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Crystal of the Month: Moonstone...

Moonstone is a milky-sheen crystal used for balancing dualities and creating new beginnings. She is used for intuition, introspection, reflection, and bringing in lunar energy. In times of change, Moonstone helps to harmonize the highs and lows in order to approach change with grace. This is a crystal to help create new beginnings and move past the past. She is a wishing stone, helping to bring our greatest dreams into fruition. Moonstone is also a feeling stone, helping one to get in touch with their emotional body. She supports deep emotional issues and cleaning the chakras of negativity. Supportive by promoting growth, this amazing crystal connects the physical, emotional, and intellectual energies in order to provide guidance and direction. She is known as a "traveler's stone" to help with protection during travels. Moonstone brings a gentle calming to the body, mind, and spirit, while enhancing ones awareness to a deeper level.

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