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Crystal of the Month: Rhodochrosite...

Rhodochrosite is known as the "stone of Love and harmony", helping to restore balance on all levels of the being. This stone is used to help bring healing to the Earth Mother and the inner mother in us all. For the mind, this powerful crystal helps to align oneself with a higher perspective. Awareness and spirituality can be enhanced by meditating with this stone. Rhodochrosite helps to bring more relaxation, balance, and acceptance to one's current reality, letting go of denial in order to have clarity and learn something "new" that expands one's consciousness. This pink rock helps balance the emotions and provide stability to the mind. For the physical body, Rhodochrosite can help relieve internal infections, intestinal issues, skin disorders, and in stabilizing the heart and the pulse rate. Overall, Rhodochrosite is known as a balancer of the energy body that protects the physical body from illness. Wearing it, drinking it, or laying it over the body for healing can help to prevent sickness in the mind, body, and spirit.

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