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Crystal of the Month: Rhodonite...

Rhodonite is a crystal found in Brasil and is known as the "stone of Love". It is a yin-yang balancer and heart chakra healer. Rhodonite is said to help us to both ground our energy and elevate our life to match our highest potential. Dispelling anxiety, blockages, and chaotic encounters, Rhodonite encourages "brotherhood", generosity, and community. It activates the Pineal Gland and helps to stimulate intuitive, psychic, and visionary attributes. Physically, Rhodonite helps with lung health, emphysema, strep throat, joint inflammation, arthritis, heart issues, and light sensitivity. This is an empowering stone for attuning with the spiritual energies of the universe, and feeling balanced, Loved, creative, and harmonized on the Earthly plane.


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