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Crystal of the Month: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the color pink for Love, and that is what she teaches and shares. When we have gone through a struggle, personal crisis, or chaotic/stressful situation, Rose Quartz is a calming, soothing, gentle tool to reinforce self-Love. Working with her can help to cultivate a more creative, artistic, and imaginative aspect of our being. She activates the upper chakras and opens the heart to our higher self. Rose Quartz helps to heal inner wounds by rejuvenating the mind and heart both physically and emotionally. For the body, she balances the yin and yang, attunes the chakra system, and releases tension. She can be used to clear fluids in the cells of the body, promote the release of toxins, treat vertigo, diminish pain, stimulate the heart, support respiratory health, and release excess heat from burns or blisters. By wearing, carrying, or sleeping with Rose Quartz, our life force and Love frequency strengthens.


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