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Crystal of the Month: Turquoise...

Turquoise is said to be the merging of Mother Earth and the Heavens. She is a strengthener of all of the chakras, meridians, and energy bodies. Turquoise is used for spiritual attunement, for healing energy, for cleansing all aspects of the being, and for good communication. The organs affected by this stone are the throat, navel, and heart, allowing intuition, creativity, will power, and protective forces to guide the way.

This month we explore the Nervous System and the subtle bodies. Turquoise is a guide during meditation, facilitating an inner "knowing" during these times of deep unconscious/conscious healing. She is a spiritual stone for spiritual work, grounding, and astral traveling. Turquoise is a healer of the spirit, helping to guide, protect, and bestow blessings of happiness and goodness.

At one point in history, Turquoise was used to insure property and protect against accidents. She was and still is a balancer of the male and female aspects of the being, inviting in mental, spiritual, and emotional clarity. Turquoise is a master healer, helping to dispel negativity, darkness, and low frequencies. She strengthens the body by regenerating the tissues, increasing circulation, and repairing muscular damage. Turquoise has been used to treat headaches, skin disorders, and stress. When feeling worry, doubt, or fear, Turquoise is an excellent medicine. Whether invoking rain, inducing wisdom, or promoting romantic Love, Turquoise is a beautiful goddess stone for healing Love and kindness.


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