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Elder Care Spotlight: Mental Health - Helping the Elderly Stay Happy & Harmonious...

One of the more challenging parts of caregiving for an elderly person is managing their emotional health. Sometimes they are at a point in life where they have lost their spouse, parents, good friends, and those they were once very close to, and they are having a very challenging time moving forward. Those emotions cause the elderly person to want to retreat and close off to their outer world. They may feel lonely and isolated, afraid to move forward, or deeply depressed. Aside from putting them on anti-depressants, how can we help our elderly Loved ones through the low points of life and into a more neutral mental and emotional space?

Movement is life, and short walks can make a huge difference in the way the mind processes emotion. Time in nature, walking by trees, gazing into the sunset, meditating on the waves of the ocean, etc. are all wonderful ways to get fresh air, positive ions, and circulation. Love is the ultimate healer though, so just spending time with our elderly Loved ones can mean a lot to them and impact their journey in a significantly positive way. Everyone needs a hobby, and this is a time of life where elderly people are encouraged to follow their passions and play with art, small inspiring projects, and creative and fun ways to express themselves. Group activities and projects or parties are a good idea once in a while. Instead of feeling isolated and alone, our elderly Loved ones will feel included and appreciated. Call and connect with them regularly if possible, check in with their house/apartment to make sure everything is working, and help them go through their things to downsize and reduce clutter.

Since happiness comes from within, it is important to find out what triggers this inner joy muscle in our elderly Loved ones. It could be as simple as laughing with one another over old stories, or as complicated as planning a family gathering with everyone who is still alive. The most important thing is that they never feel alone or uncared for. As we show up to help them care for themselves, take them to the doctor's office, bring them food, etc., we are pouring our Love into them through our actions and behaviors. Actions speak volumes, and Love heals. To help our elderly Loved ones with happiness, we have to help them live in the present moment. The present is the gift that keeps us in the here and now, and far away from the past or future. With the help of nature, friends, movement, a healthy lifestyle, and the power of Love, we can help support our elderly Loved ones to continue to be happy and at ease into their final ages of life. It is never too late to build a joyful reality. Find what builds joy, and start playing!

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