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Elder Care Spotlight: Most Helpful Essential Oils for the Elderly...

As medicinal aromatherapists, we have found essential oils to be our greatest allies in helping us as caregivers help our elderly family members the best. In this article, we will explore our favorite essences to help the elderly, and how to use them.

Clary Sage is a beautiful flower that supports immunity, circulation, varicose veins, edema, hemorrhoids, cramps, pain, cell regeneration, and frigidity. Energetically, she helps with depression, fear, rigid thoughts, and energy field damage. We have found that anointing Clary Sage onto the legs and feet at night helps to keep swelling down and supports the various issues that elderly people need help with. We have had great success with this plant and the elderly.

Eucalyptus Blue Gum is a gentle, yet powerful lung, sinus, and allergy medicine. She is anti-viral and helps with warding off the flu and common cold. This amazing tree is also wonderful for swollen glands, infections, fungal issues, and wound healing. On the energetic levels, Eucalyptus Blue Gum supports releasing energy blocks, fear around money, and letting go of the past in order to truly live in the present. This powerful tree essence is our go-to at night. We anoint 5-10 drops to the upper back and chest in order to help open the lungs and emotions.

Ancient Blend is a very HOT and powerful essence. On the bottoms of the feet, she can be used safely to boost immunity and fight dis-ease. She is powerful and has to be used with care in order to not burn the elderly person, but when used correctly, she can be a huge ally when the immune system is weak. We anoint Ancient Blend onto the bottoms of both feet at night for immune support.

Black Cumin Oil is a huge ally for pretty much everything needed to support our elderly family member. She can be used on any skin condition, put in water to drink for immunity, and even used as a daily supplement for minerals, protein, and healing. We anoint where she is needed on the body, or add to hot water for digestive or internal healing.

Mugwort is our greatest pain healer. Energetically, she helps with life transitions, strengthening vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and awakening to the Divine within. She is also great for physical parasites, worms, and nerve repair. We use her when there has been a bruise, a fall, sore muscles, tight or strained tissues, or any trauma to the body. She is also great for lung issues, especially the lower lungs. We anoint Mugwort onto areas in pain, and sometimes on the chest in addition to the Eucalyptus Blue Gum for extra lung support.

Pink Grapefruit is our wonderful emotional supporter. As a natural diuretic, gallbladder stimulant, lymphatic detoxifier, and anti-septic, she supports the elderly on a physical level. Energetically, she helps to instill confidence, optimism, courage, and hope. Pink Grapefruit is a big picture medicine, helping to direct one's will toward the greatest and highest good. She is powerful medicine for depression or times in life when we feel we have lost self- Love and self-Hope. Anointing drops to the heart chakra daily can help to keep our elderly person in high spirits.

There are many more plants that can support those who are in their later stages of life, but these essences have really helped us with our experience as caregivers. Use them together, alone, daily, or when needed. Listen to your intuition, always use safety precautions, and follow the heart when in doubt. Plants are living beings, and they will help us help ourselves when we are open to listening and learning from them.

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