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Essence of the Week: Bergamot

Bergamot is a citrus that comes from a cross between a sour orange and a lime. All citrus originated in Asia and was brought around the world through trade routes. Bergamot now grows abundantly in Calabria, Italy and Greece.

Bergamot is a powerful skin healer, helping with anything from acne to scabies. She helps to eliminate the bacteria that causes itchy, dry, scaly skin conditions. Bergamot is wonderful for bladder infections, digestive pain, respiratory problems, and nervous system imbalances. She is great for chicken pox and shingles as well as malaria and body infections. As a uterine tonic, Bergamot is healing for reproductive disharmonies. She is great for cold, flu, and sore throats.

Energetically, Bergamot is a mood uplifter that helps with loss. She supports an attitude of gratitude, and helps one to eliminate anxiety, fear, anger, and frustration. Bergamot asks us to Love and accept ourselves with an open heart. There is no one to compete with, there is no destination. The greatest gift is what we have in this present moment.

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