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Essence of the Week: Black Spruce

Black Spruce trees grow abundantly in North America as well as Alaska, Russia, Europe, and Scandinavia. Spruce trees are ancient and resilient, and they have been used for their medicine for thousands of years.

Black Spruce helps to strengthen the immune system and helps with a cold, the flu, and infections in the body. She is a natural cortisone and helps with muscle aches and pains, arthritic conditions, and rheumatism. Black Spruce is anti-parasitic and anti-fungal and wonderful for candida. She is great for the skin for eczema and acne, and she helps to open the lungs as a respiratory tonic. Black Spruce helps promote mental clarity, and is a strong supporter of thyroid, thymus, and pituitary hormone balancing.

Energetically, Black Spruce is a plant teacher that clears darkness, the shadow side, and entities or nightmares. She helps us to release shame, blame, and repression, while letting go of expectations and attachments. Black Spruce is a wonderful stress reliever that helps us let go of anxiety and fear. When seeking self-Love and self-acceptance, Black Spruce is a wonderful supporter in letting go of the past in order to embrace the gifts and blessings of the present moment.

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