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Essence of the Week: Blue Yarrow

Blue Yarrow is a perennial herb with beautiful white flowers from Hungary. Her royal blue color comes from azulene in the constituents that make up the plants natural chemistry. Blue Yarrow stalks were used in the "I Ching", a form of divination made up of six stacked horizontal sticks that work like tarot cards in predicting the future.

Blue Yarrow is good for inflammation, pain, rheumatism, and neuralgia. She helps the digestive tract, constipation, gas, colic, indigestion, and the flu. For the hair and skin, Blue Yarrow is great for scars, rashes, hair and scalp health, oily skin, and acne. She helps with mental clarity, stress, and insomnia. This is an amazing ally for bladder and kidney infections as well as liver health.

Energetically, Blue Yarrow teaches to trust the self. Using the Word to create the reality we desire, the blue color is wonderful for the throat chakra and the creative energies that manifest from our words. She helps one to rise above abuse, judgement, and control in order to surrender to the highest, greatest version of the self.

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